Portrait of a young cricketer

Dreams in eyes

For me, portrait has always been the most fascinating photography genre. Whenever I think of the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”, I think of a portrait. Similar to portraits another long time passion is to follow (well, playing needs talent) cricket. So it was inevitable that one day these two passions will converge and result into creation of a cricket portrait.

While creating this portrait the thought that I had in mind was to depict a young cricketer who aspires to play the highest level of cricket.

It is said that India is a country of extremes where nothing comes in moderate limits. Competition in sports also follows the same trend. This extreme completion helps in selecting the best people to represent the nation and yet it poses another problem of handling not so gifted people. Most of the cricket aspirants in India remain unsure of following their dreams because of the sheer competition that they see around them. How would he earn (read survive) if he fails in sports is still a big question for every parent whose child wishes to take a career in sports or any off-beat career for that matter.

Depicting everything said above was probably beyond my capabilities and that’s why I clung to the idea of just depicting a young cricketer with dreams in his eyes.

A two light setup, inspired from David Hobby’s blog post : On Assignment- HCAC Dancer with slight modifications, helped me to put life in the photograph. The first strobe being the main light source was placed at left side of the model and second strobe was used as an on axis fill  kept on ground with an umbrella.

 Hope you enjoyed it!