Travel Australia : The Beautiful Sydney

The Beautiful City of Sydney

In my first blog post I shared my experience of travelling to Twelve Apostles and of-course a beautiful photo of the same. Like Twelve Apostles Australia has many mesmerizing places to visit but if there is one city that can make you completely fall in love with it, it has to be Sydney. It’s vibrancy, relaxed lifestyle and natural beauty will leave you astonished. Beautiful beaches, marvelous architecture , shopping malls and clubs Sydney has it all. It is said that people in Sydney work to live and don’t live to work . Believe me they live fantastically well! No wonders, currently Sydney is rated as one of the best places to live. The standard of living in Sydney is very high and that’s why it’s among the most expensive places in the world. In February 2013 it was rated as 3rd most expensive city in the world!

Last year December I had a chance to visit Sydney; a time of the year when the city is at its most beautiful. I’ve definitely not visited whole of Sydney but the places I visited will always stay fresh in my memories; such is the magic of the city.  Sydney has amazing amalgamation of various cultures makes it even more enjoyable place. When you see this beautiful city, you just wouldn’t believe that once this place was used as an open prison for British convicts and when you believe it, you feel envy of those convicts. The city has completely transformed itself in less than 200 years (which is pretty fast by the way!). This transformation reflects in the cosmopolitan culture of the city where you have people from various ethnicity.  Every year Sydney embraces more than 1000 people every week from more than 250 countries!

The Icon – Opera House and Harbor Bridge

One of the icon of this transformation is Sydney Opera House. So as a typical traveler first place I wanted to visit was Opera House. The second place was of-course Sydney Harbor Bridge as both of them are really close by. It was like watching impeccable Glen McGrath and mesmerizing Shane Warne bowling from two different ends. Each one alone was a visual treat to watch when bowling but watching both of them together was a delightful experience. Similarly while both Opera House and Harbor Bridge are amazingly beautiful yet completely different from each other. One reflects the current state of the city which highly developed and cosmopolitan and the other reflects the hard work put in by Sydneysiders to reach this state.  Both have their own charms and I wanted to have both icons together in one picture. I also wanted to make sure it was different from what others have clicked. I took this photograph from Circular Quay metro station from where I got the exactly the view I wanted.

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The icon of Australia together in one picture!

If I am ever asked about the one thing that I regret missing out in Sydney, without a second to think my answer will be climbing on Sydney Harbor Bridge. Believe me it’s worth climbing more than 1300 stairs because it’s the best seat in the theater to watch the show. The view that you get from here will make you realize how beautiful Sydney is.  A great place to take 360 degree panoramic photographs too.T

The Night Life in Sydney

The very next day I went to Darling Harbor and Town Hall.  All major pubs, clubs, casinos are there within few meters of each other. At Darling Harbor, skyscrapers, glowing lights and a water body reflecting all lights together add to the mood and make it must go place for every traveler. An amazing place to click night cityscapes photographs. Here you will also come across the most good-looking and fashionable people of the city.

The Hottest Beach in the World

Located in the eastern part of the city, the Bondi beach is one of most beautiful and sporting beaches around. You will see number of surfers riding their surfboards on dangerous waves with great control and without any fear. The beach holds numerous sporting events like beach volleyball etc. But Bondi is not all about sports. It’s popular for topless sunbathing and that’s why it’s known as one of the hottest beaches in the world!

For me the best part of Bondi beach is 6 km walk from south end of the beach to Coogee beach which makes it special among 70 other beaches in Sydney. The walk is special because of spectacular ocean view it offers on one side. You pass though some really small yet beautiful beaches. Another great place for a landscape or travel photography enthusiast and you won’t be disappointed if you reach there around sun set time. You will also see a full length swimming pool build on sea-shore which was very unique to me. This swimming pool is part of The Iceberg Club which the only professional winter swimming pool in the world! Again quite a popular place among Sydneysiders. Of course the beautiful Bondi beach wouldn’t have been so beautiful and safe without Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club. The club is the oldest lifesaving clubs in the world. The bathers have been protecting people from treacherous waves, sharks and other dangersThis club has a special place in Australian history and stands tall among many Australian icons.

Travel Australia Photo - Bondi Beach, Sydney Photo, Bondi Beach Photo

Panoramic view of Bondi beach

As an individual you learn a lot when you travel. Sometimes you learn the culture and values of other countries, sometimes you learn about the human race and it’s fighting spirit. When you visit Sydney you get to know why these people are so strong and why they give a tough fight in anything they do.To become one of the best places to live from a penal British colony says a lot about the attitude of Sydney and Sydneysiders. It says that the time when they could have been ignored at the edge of the world has gone past and now they are on the top of the world. I am definitely not finished about writing on Sydney because it has so much to offer you as a city. I am going to write more on Sydney because it’s a city I’ve completely fallen in love with.