Best Indian Wedding Photographs

After previous two blog posts on Indian Wedding Photography and Pre-wedding photography, few friends asked me to share some of my best wedding photographs. Though I had already published some good wedding photographs before but I never thought about selecting my best wedding photographs. This provoked me to go  back and look at some of the weddings that I covered recently and to come with my best wedding photos. Most of the weddings that I’ve covered are typical Indian Hindu weddings and you ill be able see that in my photographs.

The sole purpose of this post is to share the best of wedding photographs that I’ve clicked and telling you exactly how these photographs were taken so that you can also click beautiful wedding photos.

A perfectly dressed beautiful indian bride

Beautiful Bride

This photo was clicked when bride was ready to go for main wedding ceremony. Photo was taken without any off-camera flash. I stood on stool to click this photo. The photo was taken in a room where light wasn’t sufficient for a photo shoot from any stretch of imagination. I had no choice but to open the aperture as wide as possible.  i also had to push ISO speed much higher than I would’ve wanted.  By doing this I got a decent shutter speed at which it was possible to take a fairly sharp picture.

Key to this photograph is shallow depth of field which was achieved through small f value. The technical details of photo are as below:

  • Shutter speed : 1/50 sec
  • Aperture:F/2
  • ISO: 1600
A Perfect Couple

A Perfect Couple

This photograph is one of my favorite wedding photograph because of the novelty factor. I had seen one such photo in the past and therefore when I saw an opportunity of such composition I just grabbed it. This photo is a composite of  two photos : a photo which you see inside the mobile and the other part.

The key to this photo was composition. I stood right behind a person who was trying to capture photo of bride and groom. Instead of focusing on bride and groom, I focused on the mobile. This brings the focus of viewer to mobile screen. I took another picture with bride and groom in focus from the same place and same angle. Once I got these two shots it was matter of few more minutes’ effort in a photo editing software to come out with the final image . The other details are as below :

  • Shutter speed : 1/60
  • Aperture: f/1.8
  • ISO: 400
key moments to click in an Indian wedding

Indian wedding Key Moments

This is again a photo which I really like because of the composition. Here I tried to capture perfect expression of bride in a hindu wedding ceremony called “Varmala”.  “Varmala” is one of the most vital ceremony in hindu wedding. For this photograph I stood just behind the groom so that I could cover bride perfectly. In such photos key is to be perfectly ready with your camera settings and wait for the right moment. Technical details of the photo are as below:

  • Shutter speed : 1/500 sec
  • Aperture: f/2.2
  • ISO: 400

Hope with the help of this post you’ll be able click some great photographs in weddings.