‘Must Have’ list of Wedding Photography Shots

In my earlier blog post on photography in Indian Weddings I shared some challenges faced by photographers and some tips to conquer  those challenges. In this blog post I’ve made an attempt to help you prepare better as a wedding photographer. A part of preparation is visualizing your shots way before the day. One thing that always helps in such situation is preparing a list of photos that you are going to click by looking at some good wedding photos. These are the shots that you can’t really afford to miss out if you want to click awesome wedding photographs. My purpose of writing this blog post on wedding photography is to offer you some really good photos so that you can create similar shots or even go ahead create some of your own shots. So here you go:

List of “must have” photos in an Indian wedding :

1. Jewelry of bride : Indians have a penchant for jewelry which becomes conspicuous in weddings. In a typical Indian wedding bride is decked up with gold jewelry which makes her look extremely photogenic. You could have some beautiful shots of bangles, earrings etc.

Bridal Jewelry - Indian Wedding Photography

Bridal Jewelry

bride waiting for the moment.

Bride – waiting for the moment

2. Bride applying henna : In all Hindu weddings (and Muslims too!) bride and some of her female friends apply henna on their hands and feet. You will find some really intricate patterns on bride’s hand and feet. Do not forget to click these patterns. These are some clichéd but really effective photos.

3. Bride & Groom getting ready : It gives you a good opportunity to click photos when bride and groom are getting ready (especially bride!). Go to beauty parlor  where bride gets her make up done and click. Also click some beautiful images when bride is ready to go for the main ceremony.

4. Bride with bridesmaids :

Must have wedding shots - Bride with bridesmaids best Wedding photos wedding pictures

And advises keep coming!

5. Bride & Groom together : You just can’t forget this! Click as many pictures of bride and groom together as you can. At the end of the day, success of assignment will hing on these photos. Make sure you take some unusual shots which most of the people wouldn’t have imagined.

6. Key Ceremonies : This one is also a no-brainer. You have to cover all key ceremonies. Some of the ceremonies are really photogenic in Indian weddings and give you a chance to take some amazing shots like one below.

7. Guests & Relatives: Cover all important guests and relatives. Look for beautifully dressed people and click them. Also look for some people  doing something interesting. They’ll make good subjects to click.

8. Kids: well dressed kids in wedding look really cute! Most of the photographers forget to take these really cute kids shots. Look for these naughty yet cute kids and click them.

Must have wedding shots - Kids at wedding Photographs best wedding photos pictures

Genius at work!

9. Dance : Indian weddings are full of dance sequences. They dance to express their joy for bride and groom. These dances are full of verve and vitality (not necessarily grace or elegance! 😉 ). Capture these dances and add some action wedding photographs in your collection.

Hope this list helps you in taking your wedding photography to next level and if it does,do not forget to share your pictures!